Youth Innovation Challenge 2023

The “Vijana in Kilimobizz” Youth Innovation challenge, launched by the Mastercard Foundation, the World Food Programme (WFP), and E4Impact, is in search of high-impact, youth-led, innovative solutions that seek to create job opportunities for young people and accelerate food system transformation across the entire value chain from production, aggregation, processing, distribution and all the way to consumption

The average age of a farmer is 60-70 years old which puts the sustainability of our food system at risk . Meanwhile, Kenyan youth who are not engaged in employment, in education, or training is about 22% according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2020.

The Vijana in Kilimobizz Innovation Challenge aims to support young people to explore innovative thinking around agriculture and business (agribusiness) across the entire food system.

The focus of the challenge is on improving sustainable employment in food systems by targeting the following value chains: apiculture (beekeeping), aquaculture (fish farming), beans, horticulture, Irish potatoes, orange-fleshed sweet potato, maize, livestock (cattle, camel and goat), pasture/fodder, poultry, rice, and sorghum.

In collaboration with the government of Kenya, private sector, and development and research partners, WFP aims to create and improve employment opportunities for young people largely by making targeted investments towards:

Strengthening young people’s opportunities to inspire and become leaders to drive change within the communities.
Creating an enabling environment for sustainable business growth among youth-led micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
Creating business opportunities in value addition, aggregation, logistics, fabrication of equipment, machinery repair and service provision.
Facilitating access to (in)formal financing and digital platforms.
Strengthening smallholder producers’ climate adaptive capacities and opportunities to meet market requirements.

Benefits & Application Process

Cash Prize
Cash prize of up to $30, 000 to the top winners

Exposure to growth opportunities.

Advisory Support
Coaching and mentorship to the top 12 finalists for one year.

Business Capacity
Technical support to strengthen business operations, financial management, and Investor Readiness.

Incubation and acceleration
Linkages and advisory support based on identified needs.

  • To apply, kindly fill in the application form and submit it before 30th June 2023.
  • The applications will be reviewed and those who will qualify for the challenge will be contacted for engagement in further stages by 28th July 2023.

Note: Before applying, kindly ensure that you meet the criteria indicated above.

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