Calling all African youth in agribusiness! Help shape the future of our food systems. 🚀 Share your thoughts on market systems, resource access, and more by participating in the linked survey.

Youth and the Future of African Food Systems: A Survey on youth engagement in Policy and Access to Productive Resources.

Generation Africa, in partnership with Microsave Consulting, is conducting a survey to gather insights into the experiences and perspectives of African youths in the food systems. The survey will play a significant role in shaping youth-focused interventions. This will contribute to our commitment to sustainably growing Africa’s food systems which requires crucial information on how best to engage and support African youths as they access opportunities in the food systems.

The survey uncovers areas related to the enabling environment and resources young people need to engage in the food systems. The specific focus areas include access to markets, productive resources (such as land, finance, and water), support systems, policy, and the well-being of young people. Given young people’s challenges in accessing these essential resources, the survey will help identify gaps and opportunities for youth engagement in the food systems. Furthermore, it will gather data on the perceptions and experiences of young people as they engage with different components of the food systems.

This survey is an important initiative to understand the experiences, challenges, and opportunities for youth entrepreneurship in Africa. Policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders can use this information to develop targeted interventions that support the growth of youth agri-entrepreneurship in Africa. The survey comes at a critical time when the continent is experiencing a demographic shift due to the growing youth population.

The findings will be presented to the Generation Africa Ambassadors Group and play a critical role in shaping youth-focused interventions by partners aimed at accelerating youth access to employment opportunities in the food systems.

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