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Deputy Regional Director East & Southern Africa / MENA Requisition ID: 11690 Posted on 24/11/2023 Nairobi Full Time

Area Manager Requisition ID: 11669 Posted on 24/11/2023 N/A Full Time

Regional Climate Resilience Advisor Requisition ID: 11670-Posted on 24/11/2023-Freetown Full Time

Head of Project Consortium Coordination WASH – FCDO Requisition ID: 11641-Posted on 21/11/2023-Freetown Full Time

Junior Expert Grants Coordination Requisition ID: 11617-Posted on 19/11/2023- Antananarivo Full Time

Expert Corporate Finance & Accounting- Requisition ID: 11616-Posted on 15/11/2023 Bonn Full Time

Werkstudent in Brand & Content Requisition ID: 11658-Posted on 15/11/2023-Bonn Part Time

Student Assistant Creative Accelerator – Requisition ID: 11649-Posted on 10/11/2023-Bonn Part Time

Head of Project – Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Requisition ID: 11066 Posted on 10/11/2023 Poltava Full Time

Student Assistant Digital Project Management Requisition ID: 11397 Posted on 10/11/2023 Bonn Part Time

IT Project Coordinator 3 Requisition ID: 11167-Posted on 23/10/2023 – Bonn FullTime

Expert Food Security Standard Requisition ID: 11429-Posted on 13/10/2023 – Bonn Full Time

Inhouse Consultant SAP S/4 Hana – Requisition ID: 11166-Posted on 20/07/2023 Bonn Full Time

Senior Policy Advisor- Requisition ID: 11251-Posted on 12/07/2023 – Berlin Full Time

Senior Policy Advisor – Requisition ID: 11250 Posted on 12/07/2023 Bonn Full Time

Office Services Administrator (Part-Time)- Requisition ID: 10932-Posted on 25/04/2023 Berlin Part Time

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