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About Siemens Stiftung:

Many people around the world have the passion to tackle the challenges of our time and the courage to try something new and turn ideas for a better future into reality. At Siemens Stiftung, we are committed to support them.

Siemens Stiftung works in three areas: Culture, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship. As an impact-oriented international partner, we believe that technology and sustainable social business models will play important roles in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. By supporting entrepreneurial solutions that have the potential to be self-supporting and sustainable, Siemens Stiftung strives to institutionalize innovative ideas to achieve long-term socioeconomic change and impact.

Siemens Stiftung has been supporting social enterprises and projects in Africa since its foundation in 2008 through mentoring, networking, knowledge transfer and access to finance. Our current portfolio includes water, clean energy, and e-mobility based projects with a social entrepreneurial focus, as well as numerous initiatives supporting the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in emerging economies.

We are headquartered in Munich, Germany and our team of 45 people drives our work across 3 continents.

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About E-Mobility

Mobility and transport are essential for securing livelihoods and economic development. They provide access to education, and health facilities, link agriculture and production to markets and secure supply chains and distribution. Mobility and transport are crucial to achieve the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) underlined by the global community in the 2030 Agenda.

Transportation contributes an estimated 25% of total energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and is a leading cause of ambient air pollution. Decarbonisation of the transport sector is crucial for achieving climate goals, improved air quality and can reduce foreign currency spending and contribute to economic development in various ways. E-Mobility is on the rise globally.  Positive trends in many African markets are increasing the share of electric vehicles on the continent.

Importantly, local social enterprises are working to make these new technologies accessible to underserved segments of the population and are creating opportunities for green jobs and vocational training.

E-Mobility is a vast ecosystem including various segments: Electric Vehicles, Electric Mobility as a service, Charging Infrastructure and Power Generation, and finally Policy and Regulation.

Despite significant differences between the African markets, there are common trends: positive developments in access to electricity, growing prioritisation by governments and increasing investments are currently driving change in the e-mobility markets. Kenya has one of the biggest and most vibrant e-mobility sectors of the continent.

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About the Project:

The Kenyan and German governments have formed a climate and development partnership which covers areas such as expanding energy sources, electrical mobility projects and the green hydrogen economy.

As part of this bilateral partnership, Siemens Stiftung will run a social venture support program for e-mobility solutions in Kenya, co-funded by a German donor. The program will identify and support early-stage social enterprises working in the e-mobility sector in their innovation and growth journeys.

The program will support the social enterprises in tackling a pivotal technological or market challenge that their funding situation may otherwise not allow them to tackle.

Over a 3-year period, the program has three main objectives:

  • Seamless Project Management: Strong planning, implementation, budget spending, compliance and reporting as per donor, project and organizational guidelines.
  • E-Mobility Private Sector Research & Development: Selected social enterprises receive financial support to conduct technical Research & Development projects to deepen their impact, improve their technology and drive value creation in Kenya and Eastern Africa.
    • Two open calls with up to 8 companies selected for the program.
    • All R&D projects achieve their set objectives within the timelines.
    • Key insights published sector-wide through research reports.
    • Dissemination of findings through webinars.
  • E-Mobility Business Growth & Capacity Development: Selected enterprises receive cohort based or individual technical assistance to improve their impact and business. Those trainings might be in the area of investment readiness, carbon finance, innovation and design methodologies or organizational development topics such as HR.
    • Needs assessment informs learning and development journeys for participating companies.
    • Network of technical experts and consultants built and selection and matching of mentors, coaches and trainers.
    • Up to 30 enterprises benefit from technical assistance & capacity development.
    • Evaluate the impact of the program activities.

To support the implementation of this exciting program, we are looking to contract a Project Officer based in Nairobi, Kenya to help manage and implement all aspects of the project. The selected individual will provide their services via Consultancy Agreement to Siemens Stiftung. We expect this to be a full-time commitment for the duration of the project. Tentative start date is November 2023.


The Project Officer E-Mobility & Social Entrepreneurship will support the project activities and work closely with the Project Manager (based in Nairobi) and the Siemens Stiftung E-Mobility team (based in Munich, Germany) to ensure that the project goals are reached, and its implementation is a success.

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