March 30th 2023, marked the launch of Emerald Africa Financing Facility (EAFF), an initiative supporting agtech digital innovators, enabling greater access to finance for rural SMEs. EAFF will offer loans of up to $250,000 to early-stage sub-Saharan Africa focused agtech ventures.

Agtech ventures are revolutionising the way rural communities access services, using mobile technology, mobile payments, e-commerce platforms, and increased data sharing to create innovative, sustainable business models. However, despite their potential, agtechs face enormous challenges accessing appropriate capital to scale.

To address this challenge, EAFF is offering debt financing to agtechs in Africa that have demonstrated potential for growth and impact. EAFF will lend to agtechs offering credit to their SME customers, and its target agtech is an early-stage venture looking for funding to scale their on-lending loan book.

EAFF is incubated by Small Foundation. Interested in learning more? Head over to

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