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The National Coordinator will coordinate all the affairs of the Kenya Platform on Climate Governance (KPCG) in consultation with the steering committee and the Thematic Lead. The coordinator will be the link between the secretariat and the platform.

Project Implementation

  • Provide project support, and work directly with the KPCG members, thematic coordinators, and regional coordinators, to ensure strategic, technical, financial, and contractual integrity in all platform operations.
  • Ensure the quality of outputs and results with efficient monitoring mechanisms (as outlined in various LFA of the project documents that are tied to the platform),
  • establishing effective coordination, monitoring information sharing, and reporting systems.
  • Provide support needed by the Head of programs, planning, and control of the projects to deliver the intended result.
  • Ensure accountability and compliance in the project through the submission of regular reports -Narrative and financial to the partners on timely manner.
  • Manage day-to-day implementation and overall coordination of the project outcomes of the platform and its initiatives.

Facilitation and coordination

  • Working with government partners in the private sector (where feasible), KPCG members, and other relevant policy actors, initiate, convene, facilitate, and through the production of pertinent information products informed by the needs of various stakeholders.
  • Ensure internal engagement and ownership of advocacy and policy plan priorities, including establishing clear lines of platform communication, creating platform systems and processes for sharing policy information and external influencing opportunities, and managing relationships with development donors/partners. This will involve working with the communication department where appropriate.
  • Maintain an updated membership record.
  • Creating partnerships with relevant stakeholders at the National level

Thought Leadership

  • Facilitate all activities undertaken by KPCG, initiating them when necessary, including needs assessments, relevant information campaigns, and collective advocacy, to build a coherent strategy and network of partners working in climate justice in Kenya.
  • Create partnerships and linkages with the government on all matters of sustainable development in Tune with priority areas of the Alliance and the National Platform.
  • Design appropriate coordination mechanisms, including transition strategies, membership recruitment protocols, and conflict resolution mechanisms for the platform.
  • Leverage opportunities to promote the work of the National Platform

Representation, advocacy, and coordination

  • Ensure voices from communities and other stakeholders are fed back into projects and policy and advocacy work at both mass and philanthropic leadership levels.
  • Serve as the link between the platform and other stakeholders, including government institutions and the private sector.
  • Participate in relevant engagements (national and international dialogue engagements), identify gaps, and strategize with partners on addressing critical information-sharing gaps.
  • Advocate, educate, and foster consensus among all those involved in stakeholders response (i.e., local government, civil society, donors, INGOs, and private sector) on tools and approaches for establishing effective two-way interaction with local communities on climate justice issues.
  • Facilitate and coordinate needs assessments and analysis related to KPCG coordination with organizational development assessment, thematic areas initiative, and strategic approaches. This also includes the evaluation of current resource mobilization infrastructure, their current operating conditions, and approaches to capitalize on existing opportunities.
  • Reach out to like-minded stakeholders and establish synergy between KPCG and other partners working in the climate change space.
  • Initiate and manage sharing and learning experiences with the other regional platforms to enhance coherence and motivation in the work they are implementing.
  • Provide technical support to other projects and processes of the Alliance that will be assigned occasionally.
  • Fundraising and collaborating with members to create innovative initiatives. the platform

Required Competencies

  • An agile, strategic, and critical thinker who can set process, performance, and outcome goals.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written English and knowledge of French will be an added advantage.
  • Innovative and tech-savvy knowhow to support projects from the start to the end with the use of technology
  • Strong in building teams
  • Ability to embrace diversity
  • Good negotiation and diplomatic skills
  • Works well autonomously and in a team

Qualifications and Experience

  • Academic education in the areas of Project management, Environmental policy, or any other relevant field
  • At least five years of work experience in project management, especially in intermediary organizations
  • At least five years of work experience working with CSOs, especially in a diverse work Environments
  • Ability to support to reach out and build relations with stakeholders at the local, national, continental, and global scale.

How To Apply

Please submit your application to: ann.kobia@pacja.org copying hr@pacja.org
PACJA is an equal opportunity employer. Applications are reviewed on rolling basis

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