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Nairobi, Kenya | Posted on 07/06/2023

Resource Type : Consultant
Region: SSA
Closing date: 07/11/2023
Industry: Research and Development
City: Nairobi

Country: Kenya

Job Description
I. Background

The International Potato Center is looking for a dynamic and highly skilled Agronomist-Consultant who will provide technical support in sweet potato agronomy to the sweet potato program through various projects and initiatives in Kenya and Eastern Africa Region. He/she will also contribute to the design and direct implementation of a sustainable sweet potato seed systems in Kenya and countries within CIP Eastern Africa region to ensure and assure affordable, accessible and quality sweet potato planting material needed to scale up the orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) in the implementation countries.

II. Objective

1. Provide technical support in sweet potato agronomy to CIP projects and initiatives in Kenya and Eastern Africa Region as well as Packaging of sweet potato advisory content using various format for various farmer facing organization using human centered design.
2. Contribute to the design and direct the implementation of a sustainable sweetpotato seed systems strategy that will assure quality and accessibility of sweetpotato planting material for production and commercialization of the sweetpotato value chain
3. Design and implement a working, cost-effective and timely planting material dissemination approaches and root production plans with partners to enhance OFSP production among households both for food and nutrition security as well as commercialization.
4. Work and collaborate with national government partners, KALRO and other stakeholders to initiate, coordinate and manage the National Performance Evaluation (NPTs) and varietal release process for developing commercially viable OFSP varieties, development and dissemination of Early Generation Seed (EGS).
5. Participate in the development and, where possible, delivery of appropriate training modules in priority topics such as production, agronomy, post-harvesting management etc. The training will target sweetpotato value chain actors including farmers, extension agents, aggregators, processors etc.
6. Provide support to the project team by facilitating timely, accurate and routine data collection required for project reports.
7. Working with other stakeholders and colleagues to develop linkages and contribute to online platforms for the exchange of information about OFSP for widespread adoption.

III. Deliverables

Significant contribution and leadership to the design and implementation of a sustainable sweetpotato seed systems strategy to support Ukama Ustawi initiative and partnership with WFP.
Develop and implement a cost-effective and timely planting material dissemination and root production plan,which involves at least 50000 cuttings of EGS produced for further multiplication and at least 1000HHs reach with clean planting material.
Work with KALRO to develop and implement a work plan relating to the coordination and management of the National Performance Evaluation (NPEs) and varietal release process for developing commercially viable OFSP varieties in Kenya. This will involve:
a) Establishing at least 10 on farm trails in 5 counties,and 2 on station cropping systems trials.
b)Establishing at least 5 demo plots for newly released OFSP varieties in Kenya and 5 field days with
at least 25 lead farmers and 10 extension workers in the counties.
c)Work with KALRO to collect and analyze relevant data to support the release of NASPO13 variety – build on previous work done under DDBIO project.
Successfully design and develop tailored training modules on priority topics to various stakeholders for example Burton and Bamber, extension workers in the counties where the Project and the initiatives are working and other partners as required which will involve having at least 20 DVMs trained in 6 focus counties.
Packaging of advisory content of Sweet Potato content for SMS and WhatsApp.
Validation of advisory content and report on the delivery of Sweet Potato content using HCD design.
Report on user journey map together with EiA HCD team.

Iv. Selection Criteria

PhD in Agriculture, agronomy, breeding ,crop science or a related Field
Minimum of 4 years of experience working with public and/or private organizations in seed systems or agronomy
Experience working with sweet potato and/or other vegetative propagated crops.
Experience in designing and conducting and analysis of on-farm agronomic experiments.
Experience with participatory evaluation of new technologies and innovations with farmers.
Experimental design, Implementation, data collection, analysis and writing of scientific papers.
Advanced level of MS Office.
Nutrition messaging.
Advanced oral communication and technical writing skills in English.

v. Time frame

· The consultancy contract will be for 6 months.

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