International Fertilizer Development Centre IFDC Full Time Africa Jobs April 2023. Click on job titles to apply.

The IFDC is an independent non-profit organization that combines innovative research, market systems development, and strategic partnerships to spread sustainable agricultural solutions for improved soil health, food security, and livelihoods around the world.

Approche Communale pour le Marché Agricole – Phase 3 – Cotonou, Benin

Assistant Fertilizer Market Analyst-Senegal – Dakar, Senegal

Communications and PR Coordinator – Abuja, Nigeria

Consultant chargé d’appui en coaching et mentorat aux Pôles d’Entreprises Agricoles (PEAs) – Niger – Niamey , Niger

County Manager-Budi(South Sudan) – Budi, South Sudan

Director of Market Systems Development Department – Any of IFDC Operational Countries in East Africa or Asia, Kenya

Expert en Fertilité des Sols et Essais en milieu réel – Niamey, Niger

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