Duckweed and Azolla Farming Guide

Here’s a quide on how to farm Duckweed and Azolla.


Duckweed and Azolla are rapidly growing aquatic plants, that double their volumes in just 2 days, have high protein content of up to 40%, have lysine, essential amino acids and minerals. Rich in Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Potassium.


1. Animal feed for chicken, pigs, goats, cattle, rabbits and fish.

2. Fertilizer

3. Biogas feed

4. Soil conditioner

5. Water purifier


1. Shallow pond between 15- 30 cm

2. Damliner

3. Little amount of soil ( About 1 cm) PH of 4.5-7.5


Dig a shallow pond about 15cm – 30cm depth and according to the pond liner you have length and width.

Place a plastic sheet or pond liner, to hold the water.

Add a small layer of soil in the pond (1cm)

Add water to the pond and stir it

Add Reagents ( Nutrients and pH stabilizer) to the water which will work as pH stabilizer, fertilizer and provide nutrients to the plants. Wait for 30 minutes to allow time for the reagents to react and stop any possible destruction of seed. Azolla and Duckweed optimal PH range is between 4.5-7.5 thus the importance of a reagent. Only add reagent once.

Remove any debris suspended in the pond.

Get AZOLLAgro Kit [Call SMS WhatsApp +254 788 454 493] and introduce them to the pond (added once). A pond with dimensions of 6m X 4m will require approximately 1kg of azolla/ duckweed and 0.4 litre of reagent.

After 10 – 14 days, the Azolla/ duckweed will cover the whole pond and harvest on the 15th day.

Harvest the Azolla by scooping it off from the pond by hand or using a sieve.

Harvest every day or after every 2 days. Failure may lead to stunted growth.

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