Wood Vinegar (WV) is a biodegrading bio-stimulant that increases plant metabolism and growth (root mass and foliage by up to 40%) by facilitating/enabling the improved absorption of and reduction of the need for fertilizer (by reducing the cluster value (concentration of minerals and nutrients) of water by a third (1/3), herbicides and pesticides by up to 50%. WV may be applied alone where tests indicate that the soil is sufficiently healthy and rich in nutrients.

WV has also been proven to reduce bacterial, fungal, insect and pest infestations, increase the strike rate and speed of seed germination, improve plant resistance to disease and soil alkalinity, improve the flavor and firmness of fruit and reduce the incidence of bacterial diseases in pigs and poultry and improve the quality of eggs, milk and meat.

▪ Is an effective against fungal and bacterial infections and as a pest repellant.
▪ Increases crop yields through improved nutrient uptake, root mass and foliage development.
Wood vinegar improves flavour, color and firmness of fruit.
▪ Enriches and partially sterilizes soils, reducing bacterial, fungal, insect and pest infestations.
▪ Increases and accelerates rates of seed germination and improves plant and fruit resistance to disease and pests.
▪ WV reduces the incidence of diseases caused by bacteria in cattle, pigs, small livestock and poultry, reducing incidents of diseases and deaths (especially of chicks), catalyzing growth (weight gain by 11%), feed conversion (20%), production efficiency factor (28%) and improving the quality of eggs, milk and meat.
▪ Is an effective as a pest repellant, deodorizer for pet, pig, cattle pens and chicken coops.
▪ Speeds up and eliminates bacteria and pathogens from compost and animal manure.
▪ Preserves the shelf-life of cut flowers.
▪ Used to inoculate biochar for improved nutrient absorption by plants.

Application and Benefits


Soil Sterilisation

Mix in the ratio of 1:50, sprinkle 1 litre of solution over 1 square meter of planting area


Wood vinegar reduces the cluster value (concentration of chemicals and minerals) of water by a third (1/3). This means that the water is activated and is more easily absorbed by plants and animals, thus reducing the need for agro-chemicals. BWV (acetic acid) should however
not be used with alkaline chemicals. Reduces the concentration of agro-chemicals and liquid fertilizer by 50% in a 1:500 bamboo vinegar solution, improving the overall safety of humans and animals and reducing water and soil pollution.
Enriches soil, inhibits viruses and soil diseases, and improves plant and fruit resilience to diseases, quality (firmness, flavour and sugar content).

Pest Repellant

Repels insects on plants, controls fungal diseases, improves plant resilience and reduces pesticide requirement by 50%.

Seed Germination

Improves seed germination rates


WV applied to compost in the ratio of 1: 50 increases the biological activity of beneficial microbes and accelerating the rate of composting organic and animal manure.

Growth Spray

WV applied in the ratio of 1:500 serves as an organic growth Spray for mature plants.

Seed Germination

Soak seeds in 1:200 wood vinegar solution for 24 hours
before planting – Appropriate Technology
Association of Thailand

Animal Husbandry

Suitable for Cattle, pigs and poultry farmers.

WV applied in the ration of 1:200 of wood vinegar in clean water reduces the incidence of diseases caused by bacteria in animal husbandry and poultry, reducing incidents of diseases and deaths (especially of chicks), catalyzing growth (weight gain by 11%), feed conversion (20%), production efficiency factor (28%) and improving the quality of eggs, milk and meat.

Studies published in The Italian Journal of Animal Science (2017) indicate that a 1-1.5% level of WV in chicken layers diet decreased pathogenic bacteria counts and improved eggshell thickness and quality as a means of reducing egg damage during the laying period.


A 1:200 wood vinegar solution diminishes the production of odor-causing ammonia in animal pens and will keep dogs and cats away from garbage bins.
Apply a 1:1000 vinegar solution to affected areas to repel house and fruit flies

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