5 Tips on Selecting High Value Crops to Invest in. Kenya Uganda Tanzania Nigeria

Hello Farmer (or soon-to-be farmer) there are many High Value crops that you could grow on your small farm. Deciding which crops are right for your situation will depend on many different factors​. Small farms are often diverse enterprises run by small teams of people, so it’s important what you grow is well suited to your space, market and time input.

Some questions you should consider when deciding on a new crop for your small farm include:

1. What is the cash value per kilogram of product?

​This isn’t the only indicator to consider, but the more a crop sells for, the less of it you’ll need to grow. Although you’ll need to make sure there’s a market for it. Herbs are a good example of High Value crop fetching $6 per kilo.

2. How quick is the growing cycle?

The more times per year that you can grow a crop, the better. Some crops take as little as two weeks to reach maturity — Yes.

3. What are the yields like?

You want something that will produce high yields for each square foot or meter you devote to it.


4. Can you make use of vertical space?

Some crops can be grown on shelves, one tray on top of the other. If You grow something else that can only be grown on one level, you might not be optimizing the use of your land. Especially if you have a small area to work with.

5. How labor intensive is a crop to produce?

You may opt to grow a less profitable crop if it means less time spent maintaining it during its growing cycle.

Bonus: What is your income goal?

How much you want to earn from your farm will help dictate how much you need to grow, and what crops you’ll want to choose.

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